End of 2020 Catch Up. What I’ve Achieved this Year


Looking back on my bullet point list (without the bullets) from the beginning of the year (this is the link), I had already achieved a lot in January, and was on my way to achieving more. Since then, I updated with a half-yearly catch up (this is a link) and now I’m here with a full year catch up.

I’ve added notes in blue to let you know what’s happening.

In January, everything was already green. So what I had ALREADY achieved in January were these…

– 1 – Reorganised how I’m going to do things on LJD and TKW.

– 1.2 – Also reorganised how I’m going to do things on TK, JDS, JD and RSP.

– 2 – Changed LJD’s tagline to make it more about my author status and what I write as I move away from blogging.

– 2.2 – Changed TKW’s tagline to make it more about what I write.

– 3 – Changed the background pic here at JDS. Isn’t she pretty!

– 4 – Added a privacy policy page to TK, LJD, TKW, JDS and RSP.

– 5 – Updated my bios across my websites and all of my social media pages for TK, LJD, TKW, JDS, JD, RSP, as well as logos and headers for LJD and TKW.

– 5.1 – Added author timelines to my about pages for TKW and LJD of all the things I’ve done so far in my writing career. And a career timeline to TK. Which is a very, very, very long one.

– 5.2 – Reorganised my social media and updated my Pinterest boards for TK, TKW, LJD, JDS, and RSP.



Everything I had ALMOST achieved was in orange at the beginning of the year, and now it’s…still mostly in orange…

– 1 – The release of the four LJD standalone novels in large print and dust jacket hardcovers.

– 1.1 – The release of LJD’s Porn Star Brothers series in dust jacket hardcovers.

– 1.2 – The release of LJD’s Spiros & Jenny, the latest instalment of the Porn Star Brothers series, as a trade paperback in March.

– 2 – The release of the TKW’s trade paperback of Five Bone will be ready for March 2020, along with large print paperback, casebound hardcover and dust jacket hardcover.

– 2.1 – The release of ALL of TKW’s Bones books in casebound hardcovers, dust jacket hardcovers, and large print paperbacks.

– 3 – The release of the casebound hard covers of TK’s Poems Of A Musical Flavour along with the casebound hardcover and large print paperback of #Teenblogger: To Follow Or Not To Follow?.


Okay, here’s the thing, my cover designer had personal issues to deal with and so my covers were put on the back burner. Not sure if any of this will happen by Christmas, or if it will be left for next year. At this point, I just need a second round of proofs for most of the books, and then I’ll see if they’re ready to go. If so, I’ll stagger their releases until March. So more on this next year.


The rest of it was in BLACK at the beginning of the year. But now it’s…


I have these planned for doing…

– 1 – Write the next and last Porn Star Brothers book under LJD.

– 1.1 – Type them up, edit them, send them off for editing, edit some more.

– 1.2 – Get the covers done, check the proof, and release it as an e-book, paperback, and dust jacket hardcover in September to end the series.

These formats won’t happen until March 2021.

– 2 – Write the next three stories and anthology under TKW. 

– 2.1 – Type them up, edit them, send them off for editing, edit some more.

Being done.

– 2.2 – Get the covers done, check the proofs, and release them in e-book, Maybe, paperback, and hardcover formats in the second half of the year.

These formats won’t happen until 2021 along with the seventh set of Wrathbone stories, so you get double the amount next year.

– 3 – Still see whether it will be worthwhile updating my two paperbacks, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential under TK.

I do have plans for updating another non-fic book of mine, so I’m not sure if these two will come into it. I hope so since I’m slowing down.

– 4 – Finish off the character lists I started, thanks to doing them for the Porn Star Brothers series as I’ve now spread it across all books, and upload them to LJD, TKW.

I’m yet to upload them to the websites.

– 5 – Pick one day a month to schedule blog posts and weave my writing schedule around it.

– 5.1 – Comment more on other people’s blogs.

Five happened for the most part, and 5.1 sorta happened. I find I just don’t comment on blogs anymore and use Facebook and the writers groups I’m in. For me, blogs are waning, but I’ll still be here.

– 6 – Try and post to Insta, FB, TW more during the week across the board and pin to my Pinterest boards monthly.

– 7 – Get email mailing lists for my books, and newsletters set up on TK, TKW, LJD, and maybe JDS.

– 8 – Overhaul the websites for TK, TKW and RSP.

– 9 – I still want to get my jewellery back into its own website. I know I say this every year, but it’s still true. I still want it to happen.

#7 and #8 I will hopefully be looking into over the holidays when I have time. Which I never have enough of. And we all know #9 just may never happen.


On a personal note…these were in black…

– 1 – Get my health sorted.

– 2 – Get my anger issues calmed down.

– 3 – Not work late into the night and every spare minute. Set a clock off time.

– 4 – Get a dog. Maybe.

Do I need to elaborate?


On a business note…these were also in black…

– 1 – Get my print books into the National Library and apply for Public Lending Rights.

– 2 – Join Nielson and upload all of the details for my books.

– 3 – Get the proofs of the new formats in large print and then release them on the world.

– 4 – Go direct to Barnes & Noble and Google Play.

– 5 – Buy my books from Amazon.

#2 Apparently I don’t need to join to upload my books, and I thought I’d join so I can be nosy and see how many print books people sell, but it would cost a thousand bucks per year and I am not doing that.

#4 I decided to not go direct to B&N and GP for now, they have changes going on so I’ll leave them as I don’t want two more sites to have to update.

#5 is all going to depend on whether I can afford it.


Now, that is a bloody long list, and I stated so at the beginning of the year. But it’s a hell of a lot that got done, some that’s currently happening, and some that just didn’t get done. There’s already a list for next year which also includes the leftovers from here, but at least my publishing schedule will be slowing down, and I do have some plans in the works for next year, but not mentioning that now.


So that’s it for 2020. What a fucking shit year this has been, but thankfully, we personally survived fairly unscathed. Except for that time I ended up in the hospital with back issues. That just knocked me months off schedule.

Until February, when we can do this all again…


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  1. The Tote Trove March 17, 2021 at 7:02 am

    You’ve always got so much going on! Don’t be so hard on yourself; you probably accomplish more than most people, even with being in the hospital. By the way, I hope all is okay on that end.

    1. Jewel Divas Style March 17, 2021 at 12:36 pm

      It is okay, Tote. A back spasm, apparently, and a very bad one at that.


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