The Last of the Goodies I’ve Bought in 2020

I’m catching up on only some of the final goodies for the year as there are others to come but I’ll leave them until next year.

This goodie actually came back in January but I never got around to blogging about it. A New iPhone (albeit the XS so already two years old), a new tropical silicon cover from eBay, and a pop socket from Kmart.


Before Covid shut down the planet I went op shopping and found these goodies. A pink skull money box, a blue shoe, a unicorn light, a blue star purse, a double sided mint container, pink rulers, a makeup purse, a red heart container and a stuffed unicorn. Plus the pink art folder they’re sitting on. Everything was priced between .50c and $3.


The only clothes I bought this year were the following.

You’ve seen these kaftan tops, both from Millers for $10 each.


Also from Millers was this blue top for $2. Yep, $2, so I bought two of them. And this gorgeously fluffy vest came from the op shop for $5.60


I already have a leather jacket from an op shop, but I couldn’t leave this one on the shelf. $13.60, after discount from $17. Yep, it was cheaper than the original one I bought fifteen years ago. The pattern has a velvety look and is on the back as well. It’s also a large, size 22, but fits me just fine, and was made for a local department store. 


I’ll talk about the two top pics first. All from the same op shop on two different days. All were for $1 each, on the left two bangles, a pink gold ring, and three pink star rings  ($1 for the three) which went into my pink star jewellery set. On the right, two stacks of bracelets for $2 each.

Now these bottom pics are for store bought jewellery. As you can see, on the left are three Colette pieces (sadly, due to Covid, our local Colette has shut down because the company went into receivership). I love the toucan earrings and am yet to wear them and the green ring stack. The snake ring has gone into my African Safari set. All three were for $5.

On the right are five earrings from Lovisa (thank god we still have that store) all five were bought for $12 on sale. The snake earrings have gone into my African Safari set. I’m yet to wear any of them, but then I do only go out once a week. It’s hard to keep up with what I do have. and I love the gold top middle ones. Dancing couples.


Now we move onto eBay and Facebook goodies. All from the same designer, all bought fairly cheap.

These rings are from both places and are all in the $17.85 – $40 price range.


Below we have a turquoise necklace which was the most expensive at $109.25 from FB. I’ve never seen one anywhere for sale so grabbed it when I saw it. And then I saw another one being sold on FB. Ironic, two in the same week after fifteen years of never seeing one. We also have a gorgeous turquoise bangle which came in at $60, a panther bangle for $35, a red and blue silver bangle for $17.85 (the silver version of a gold one I have), and turquoise earrings for $40.

So that’s it for now, well, until next year when I start talking about all the bargains I buy over Christmas and new year.



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  1. The Tote Trove March 17, 2021 at 6:55 am

    What a haul! I love how even your phone accessories match. And I adore your op shop find goodies; they’re a kawaii collector’s dream!


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