Tiara King has had a Makeover

That’s right, in the tenth year of self-publishing, and the twelfth year of having this website, my main website at tiaraking.com.au has had a makeover.

It hasn’t had one since 2010 when I first set it up. But, finally, I have found a web theme worthy of updating to.

For anyone who’s used Hello You Designs web themes, you’ll know the Hello Boho theme. I moved a few sections for use at a later date, and am pretty happy with how I’ve laid it out. I spent all last weekend, plus most nights this week, tweaking, doing, re-doing, changing and re-arranging the front page, as well as the other pages on the site. I decided against setting up a bookstore on the website and have just re-directed visitors to my publishing house which will also have it’s own makeover some time this year.

First, I’ll show you how it used to look. 

Pretty plain, with images I’d made filling out the front page. There were other pages, some have been removed, most were updated.

And here’s how it looks now, but you can go and see the full front page yourself and check out the other pages on the website. I have parallax images!!! I LOVE THEM! 



And yes, I have a new logo! A NEW LOGO AND TAGLINE!!!


All thanks to Deranged Doctor Designs. I threw together a rough logo in Picmonkey and wanted one done properly and professionally. I’ve decided to go with the one phrase for myself to try and cover everything I do, and yes, I did google the definitions of creative and artist and even though calling oneself a creative is becoming a bit of a cliche these days, it does cover everything I do. Otherwise I have about five different things in a tagline after my name. Although, for the sake of clarity, I’ll be leaving those five things in my social bios, in brackets, after Creative Artist.

I updated all of my social and book sites last night, and made the website live again as of midnight.

And there we go. I finally gave myself a makeover, my books have been released in hardcover or large print,  I turned 47 today, the 21st of May, and maybe I can actually start writing again.

What a birthday!


What have you guys done this week?


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