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About two years ago, I toiled with the idea of setting up my own publishing house. 

It was 2016, I was writing under three names, about to release a plethora of books, and thought about a name to publish them all under.

So, in 2017, I bought a business name, set up a website, and then decided to change the name and the website.

I’ve spoken briefly about my publishing house in other posts, such as here, here, and here.

I went from Royal Crown Press to Royal Star Publishing. Check it out here.

It’s a basic website with a header, front page, and some social media apps. It has pages for series, kids, adult and non fiction.

It is updated every six months with the release of a new book, and generally sits there and is for show. 

Now, every time I publish a book, I can use the name on the sales site so it looks more professional. Because that’s the whole point as an independent author/publisher. Having something that looks professional on your sale page and not the names Amazon or CreateSpace.

So Royal Star Publishing was born, and is growing.

I’ve surpassed 50 stories, non fiction, novellas and novels and there’s more to come. So, why not have my own publishing house? We currently have five in house imprints.


Chances is the fiction imprint for sexy and adult novels for women. Covering romance, it’s for more in depth genres, such as drama and lgbt, and features more sex, and mature adult themes.


Chances was named in honour of Jackie Collins’ book Chances. It suits this imprint perfectly as it’s about women and men taking chances on life and love.


Love Beats is the fiction imprint for light and lovely romance novels. Whether they be sweet, comedic, fun or lightweight, these romances will make you laugh before they make you cry. With more love than sex, these will get you through a wintry day in front of the fire, or a lazy day on the beach. (Will be for light romances)

(This was formerly HeartBeat but I could not trade mark it)


Skull & Bone is the fiction imprint for children, tweens & young adults. Covering horror, paranormal, occult, fantasy, myths, folklore and all other genres with a slightly twisted edge. (All of the T.K. Wrathbone stuff so far)




Dream Star is the fiction imprint for children, tweens & young adults. Covering light and bright themes across all genres, it brings a little fun into their lives. (#teenblogger)




Notes on Life is our imprint that covers poetry and song lyrics. (Poems Of A Musical Flavour)





So, that’s Royal Star Publishing. We are not open for submissions, purely a name only business for myself at this stage. But who knows, maybe when I’m rich and famous and can afford to turn it into a company and publish other people…it might happen.


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