CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Preparation and Storage Ideas

Preparation is key and I cannot stress this enough.

Take measurements of your shelves and hanging spaces and write them all down in a notebook you can carry with you because you also need to think about what kind of storage you’re going to need.JDS - DAY2 - STORAGE IDEAS

Look for pretty boxes and clothing storage online or in your local stores such as Kmart, Spotlight, or Lincraft to see what’s available and if it would be appropriate for your space. Look in your home to see if you can fit in small shelving units for shoes or bags. Can you use over the door hangers for hats or scarves? Can you use an old built in linen cupboard for shoe and bag storage or winter woollies that won’t fit into your wardrobe? Can you afford a built in wardrobe? Is it time for a built in wardrobe? Will Ikea units or portable wardrobes be enough?

Do you need to head to Howard’s Storage or Bunnings for more shelving or cupboard space? Have you got good hangers? Big wood ones for heavy coats and jackets are ideal. Wire is not as it rusts and goes out of shape. What about going online to eBay or Pink Lily for hangers and space saving ideas? Try Big W, Kmart or your local discount store for black flocked hangers. Kmart has 8 hangers for $6. That’s cheap.

So many questions, but what it comes down to is space. Can you fit more into your room? Can you use a smaller room for a dressing room? Do you have spare cupboards or will you need some? Anything that saves on space, time and money is worth a good look around the house for an hour and coming up with ideas on how to rearrange your spaces. Have a sit down and think about it and make lots of notes, then cull those notes until you have a short, sharp plan ready to set in motion when you have your clear out. Just be prepared if you are moving lots of stuff to take it a small space at a time so it’s not too overwhelming.


Also consider other storage ideas such as suitcases that aren’t being used to store winter woollies or bedding. Vacuum bags keep clothes nice and tight and bug free. Big stackable containers on rollers and coloured storage boxes are available from any discount store and can be stacked on shelves or in deep cupboards or a spare room.

Preparation is what this week is about, so you can get all your ideas and information together before shopping for storage and doing the big kahuna of wardrobe audits because that is what’s going to take the most time and energy.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we talk about magazines, catalogues and celebrity style.

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