CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: It’s Time for a Shoe Overhaul


Time for a shoe audit

As well as getting my boobies properly fitted, I’ll also be getting my feet properly sized. I don’t believe I ever have, but now with the ever changing sizes (using European sizes instead of the old Aussies sizing) the sizes of shoes have changed, so has the material they’re made from (plastic), and so have my feet. They’ve gotten slightly longer and definitely wider. I also suffer from swollen ankles just about all year round thanks to sitting so much of the time. But then writing and making jewels always means fat ankles, a sore neck and migraines. And you cannot work with a migraine.

Sadly, most shoe stores don’t have a decent shoe, let alone size, for me to buy, so it looks like I’ll have to start buying from shoe stores that cater for people with feet problems. I have flat feet, so definitely need arch support, and few companies actually design shoes for people with feet problems.

Doc Martens do, but there are three reasons I only have two pairs of those.

1 – Most designs are not available here in Aus so that makes it harder.

2 – Way too expensive to buy them often.

3 – I have an issue with getting blisters at the back of my right ankle. No sure why this happens but I’m a bit sick of it and will need to sort them out.

I’ve also discovered a shoe company that several bloggers are recommending because they’re getting free pairs for reviews. The company is called Frankie 4 Footwear and they are made specifically for people in need of arch support, width and all over help. Included in the roughly $220 price tag are four sets of orthotics.


The Ellie sneakers in silver and Nina in gold look good and the Rosie and Janelle look sweet as well. Like with the Docs, cost is going to be a pain and sizing will need to be checked for future usage. I have no idea whether I’ll be a 10 or an 11 by now, but thankfully they go up to 13.

Sadly though, like with a lot of companies, they don’t do much colour. I’d love ankle boots in different colours, flats or wedges in patterns, so I may have to look towards Style Tread for some brand name shoes. I have my eye on a few, at the $200 price mark, but again, it will all depend on sizing.

That’s the problem with feet, they can be hard to fit so shoes can be hard to find.

How much have you guys spent on a pair of shoes, what brand were they and were they worth it?

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