CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Magazines, Catalogues and Celebrities

Magazines are a great starting point for seeing what’s currently in style, in store, and online as many magazines give details on where to buy. Can you find articles worthy of coming into your closet? Can you not live without the latest dress from your favourite store?


Make a list of all the stores you shop in and ask yourself, is this enough? Do you shop in enough stores for yours clothes or could you go out of your comfort zone and try something different? Shop online if you’ve never done it, or shop in store if you only shop online. Yes it’s convenient, but not always the best option.

Do you follow bloggers and they’ve recommended a store, or have worn something you just have to have? Do your friends or family have favourite stores? There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box and exploring different avenues of retail.

Ask yourself, WOULD I wear it? HOW would I wear it? Is it MY STYLE?

And don’t forget to thoroughly read your catalogues. Many people see them as junk mail but I love getting catalogues for Kmart, Big W, Target and many other stores as you get to see what’s currently in store or new in.

Magazines and the internet are also a great way of seeing what your favourite celebrity is currently wearing or buying. Do you have their style or wish you did?


Maybe there’s a way to emulate it in your own way like the old Hollywood style of Audrey Hepburn. She had this simple, easy flow and glow about her that made her at ease with everyone. She dressed simply, walked everywhere, and didn’t give in to the extremes of celebrity life. She was graceful, swan like and simply someone to love who always had class and manners.

Or there’s current Hollywood glamour girl, Blake Liveley, who has the sun kissed looks of a beach babe. She’s got the long blonde hair, even longer lean tanned legs, the skin, the face, the wardrobe. She’s been dressed well, pulls off almost any look, and always looks amazing and natural. Not only is Blake gorgeous, she’s got a damn good body to show off all those amazing outfits on. A lot of the time it looks like she just threw on the first thing she came across and put a few pins in her hair. But you know that look would have taken hours and several people to pull it off.  She has effortless chic, can seem to never do wrong with an outfit and is constantly wearing or using the latest designer product.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in the same thing twice, whether it be on Gossip Girl, red carpets or every function. But then with an ever ready never ending wardrobe for her to wear it’s no wonder she always has something new on. Ever so friendly, filled with sunshine and light, Blake never sets a foot wrong. How can she in designer shoes? She never overdoes an outfit; it’s always well placed and even with just the right amount of accessories to not at all.

What about the brunette babe Norma Jean, to blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. She may not have had a glowingly natural talent for acting and singing, but she knew how to strut her sexy stuff. And damn, she may have sung about Diamonds being a girls’ best friend in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but I prefer her in her Chanel ad. Hot, sexy, sultry, curvalicious.

Lady Gaga on the other hand simply blows me away. She is so unafraid of what people will think it’s unbelievable, especially considering she was bullied at school. She wears clothes or most times not, accessories with abandon, and is never afraid to wear, or not wear, whatever she likes, like an egg, a shooting bra, a mad variety of wigs and a Kermit cape which I would so wear and desperately want is astounding. If we all lived like we were nobody’s business maybe this world would be better off. She doesn’t care what people think, or maybe she does but hides it well. A meat dress to point out an issue, and egg to make an entrance, she’s not scared to make a statement or take a stand on something she believes in, whether wearing a skirt suit or a leotard, fishnets and ridiculously high she’s.

She goes out of her way to stand out from the pack, so it’s no wonder so many female artists followed in her footsteps. I can swear that when Gaga started wearing even more wild and outlandish outfits that Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and even Madonna stepped it up a notch.

Gaga has established herself as an icon for the weird and wonderful, for the all right and no wrong, for the free and unchained, for the person dying on the inside to get out of their bodies and find the courage to be who they really want to be.

Women who wear what they want, when they want and don’t give a flying fat rat’s about what anyone thinks or says. They live life by their own dress codes, their own personality and lifestyle. Their own morals and standards and to hell with anyone who says otherwise.

We should all live by those same standards. Dress how we want, wear what we want, live how we want and to hell with everyone else. It’s just a pity there is so much holding so many of us back from doing that.

So who do you fit in with? Is there a celebrity you’d love to dress like and wish you could copy? Maybe you can, even if it means altering something you already have or buying something simple and changing it into what you want. You can dress with the natural pizazz that so many celebs seem to have, just be confident.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I tell you about clothing personalities and how to find yours.

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