JDS - DAY1 - WHEN AND HOW I AUDITI always do a small audit in June/July, checking over summer clothes to see if they’ve worn out and need throwing out instead of taking up space they shouldn’t be. And then I do a full one at the end of November into December, where I thoroughly check out and try on my winter and summer clothes plus shoes, jewels, and other accessories to see if they will last another season or need to go.

A lot of people do seasonal clean outs, I don’t see much point to this as warm weather can last from spring through summer to autumn, at least a good six months. Tops or dresses you wear in warmer months you can also wear in cooler months with a plain top layered underneath and a jacket over. Make your clothes work for you as long as possible through as many months as possible, whereas winter woollies will only be worn for four or five months if that.

I don’t believe in throwing out clothes simply because they’re from ‘past’ seasons, or ‘old’ trends. I don’t partake in most trends anyway as many of them I’ve already been there and done that in my teens and twenties, or they just don’t suit me and my body shape any more.

I also have handwritten lists of my clothes in every colour that I buy, and add the price and place from where I got it. It helps me keep an eye on things quickly instead of constantly looking through the closet and drawers to see if I still have something. I can also add it all up to see how many pieces I have and how much it has cost. This is one way you can keep track of your wardrobe and what you’re spending and can use a computer program like Excel if you don’t want to hand write it all out.

If you love, and I mean LOVE everything you buy then you shouldn’t need much of a clean out as you wouldn’t have anything that’s rubbish in your closet. But if you have clothes for different parts of your life, casual, housework, gardening etc, then you will need areas in your wardrobe or cupboard for those.

Over the next two weeks I’ll not only give you some great information about colour combining, clothing personalities and preparation ideas, but a step by step method I use for my wardrobe audits.

So, be prepared to really ask the hard questions, take a good look at your body, and whether your clothes are appropriate for you and your current lifestyle. Sit down and write it all out. Make notes of what you do in your everyday life and what it requires, and then see if what you have helps or hinders that life. If it hinders, ditch it in the bin. It may sound harsh, but why clog up your wardrobe and your life with stuff that doesn’t suit, fit, or go with what you do now?

A lot of de-cluttering experts say that an uncluttered home equals an uncluttered life and mind. It’s true. It feels so good to let go of crap you don’t want or need any more, regardless of what it is. And you could take that advice and use it in the whole house for different room or areas.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I talk storage ideas and preparation.

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