BOOK STYLE: Style 101

Some recent style books I’ve been reading.

Trinny and Susannah – What your clothes say about you. This is like all their other books and so are repetitively boring. That’s the problem with big time money earners for publishers. They just rehash the same stuff for book after book after book so they all end up the same.


Style Yourself.

I wanted to read this book because it was touted as being by Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, who I follow, however she only did the forward and had a couple of pages inside. What it does have is a tonne of young tween/twenty something bloggers who have made it big enough to be in the pages of this book. The only thing that shocked me was that there was a 38 year old blogger in there.


Most of the kids, and they are kids compared to the rest of us, are all the same. Young, thin and able to wear what they like. They scoured their mother’s closet, went op shopping or was lucky enough to get stuff for free. Are all fashion bloggers the same? So many websites I see are all by the same kind of girls/women. Young, thin and constantly blogging their latest outfit. Their websites all look the same, they all look the same, they all do the same things and I’m finding young, thin fashion bloggers to be repetitively boring.


Stacy London.

I was trawling through Amazon for other style books and found her so decided to get her book out of the library.


While it may seem like another style book at first glance, and yes she does do make overs inside, she also discusses her own life and some of it’s quite sad. The painful skin condition that left scars, the streak of grey hair that came while she was still young, the weight issues we all have. It’s good to know that other people have struggles like the rest of us. Even if you don’t like style books, or can’t be bothered with them at least read this one for her story, you might find it inspirational.

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