What I bought on my recent op shop adventure

I haven’t gone on an op shop run in years.

Not a decent one anyway.

So last month I went and did the rounds of 6 op shops, Goodwill, Red Cross and Salvation Army, and surprisingly, after having found previous trips to be quite expensive and nothing to buy (although this time the Goodwills were quite expensive), I found quite a bit.

First things first! Abby Cadabby for $6. Yes, $6! For a huge stuffed Abby Cadabby! $6!


I haven’t bought clothes from op shops in a long time, mainly because I live around the corner from a Kmart and they have such inexpensive clothing I’ve been getting most of my clothes from there. But I did find this amazing Noni B shirt jacket in the most amazing shade of blue/green, not exactly sure what the shade is called but it’s amazing, (did I say that?). It washes and wears and doesn’t crinkle. AH.MAZE.ING!


I found this amazing lolly shop tin. No lollies unfortunately but the tin is great on it’s own. That reminds me to show off my other tins as well, stay tuned for that.


I found these amazing (yes, I’m using that word a lot), make up purse,


this amazing Cardinali purse (more about that in another post)


and this amazing scarf which was my only Goodwill find for $2.

100_4911So even though it was only six things that I bought, it was still more than what I usually get and so quite a haul for op shops.

I don’t love op shopping as much as I use to probably because they are getting more expensive and chain stores are getting cheaper in the vague hope of getting customers back in store and off the internet.

Do you guys shop at op shops and what’s the best thing you’ve bought?

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