My birthday is in May and I wanted to find an emerald jewellery set as I didn’t have one and couldn’t find anything. I even looked for real gold and emerald jewellery years ago but still haven’t found any decent rings, earrings or necklaces.

Until this May, when Equip brought out an amazing (there’s that word again), emerald jewellery line and thankfully, since I’m a member, I received a 30% discount for my birthday. So I got these amazing earrings.


I matched these bracelets from the same collection at a different time and they were on sale so I got them for about 75% off.

green3I matched these next three rings as well. This collection is similar to the red old England style set from a few months ago.

green7While I was waiting for the bracelets to be on sale I decided to make my own. It took awhile, having to thread 10 rows of beads and never being sure of the sizing as I’d never made a bracelet like this before, it was all trial and error. I think it turned out pretty great. A little tight, but great.


I also made a huge, read HUGE necklace. This is it, folded twice, and it’s still HUGE

green2This is the whole set, AH.MAZE.ING

GREEN6I also got this ring a few weeks after, but I could still wear it with the set. It was $7 from my local Lovisa store which is now, and I am bragging, an outlet store. Lower prices all the time!


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