ACCESSORY STYLE: Welcome home Vonda Dr Marten!


I’ve long been after these Dr Martens, in fact I posted about them way back in 2010. I was after many Docs, as they’re affectionately known, yet these are only my second pair that I’ve managed to buy.

For those who own or have seen Docs, you know they are not cheap. For well made life lasting shoes they are quite expensive. They are made for people with feet issues, well sown, well made and put together to essentially last you a life time. Which is great for me as I find it very hard to find decent shoes for my size 10-11 feet. These are a UK 9 which is a US/AUS 11, and while they have extra length, I also have width for my feet to continue spreading. And considering I have days where my ankles can be quite fat, they will accommodate them nicely.


I love the roses embroidered on the side and while you might want to just wear these with black and red clothes, I will most likely be living in them this winter.

On top of that, older ones are quite rare and very hard to come by. I found these on eBay from the Aus Topshop shop for $185AUD.

Known as Vonda, they come in two lengths but I have not seen the longer ones so these will do just nicely. Welcome to the family, Vonda.JDS - VONDA MARTEN

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