Wrapping up my Jewellery and Accessory Buys for 2022

I haven’t bought much jewellery this year, as these last years I’ve been selective with metal, colour, and price. I haven’t been to the stores as much as I used to, and a few things still came from eBay. So let’s get into it.


I bought these in Lovisa about six months ago. Two pairs of earrings that I joined up. Of course I did! You know I love unusual things. Total price, $27.


Bargains galore here! Pearl ring was $30. Yellow ring was $20. Pendant necklace was $30. Animal I managed to get for $54.30. All from eBay. The purple bangle was $4.50 from an op shop, and the silver bangle was $10 from eBay. At the bottom is a sunglasses case from eBay for $20.


I bought four pairs of shoes this year, from Styletread, after my rheumatologist told me to wear wider shoes. The red leather boots were $129.96. The black leather ankle boots were $89.96. The green furry fluffy nubuck suede ones were $142.96, and the black nubuck sandals were $149.95.


That’s it so far. We’re November now and I don’t think I’ll be buying anything until the chrissy sales. So who knows what bargains will come along, but that’s it for 2022.


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