Wrapping up my Fashion Buys for 2022

Well it’s been a year of fabulous t-shirts and op shop finds, along with Millers bargains. Let’s get into what I’ve bought in the last few months.

Top left: op shop $5 originally from Millers. It’s a top with jacket stitched on the front. Top right: $29.70 eBay, this kimono is gorgeous on every level.

Bottom left: op shop $7 originally from a men’s store. It’s pink, it’s tropical. Bottom right: op shop $5 originally from Millers.


Both top: Millers for $21 each. The navy is a peacock inspired with crystals. The multi is Parisian letters.

Bottom left: Kmart $12. M.I.C.K.E.Y. Bottom right: op shop $6 originally from Millers. These pants are 3/4 and will be great for summer around the house.


As much as I hate black Christmas tops, because black is just not christmassy, I could not go past this let it glow reindeer top. Along with the red Christmas top, both were $12 each from Best & Less.

Middle: Thailand, $4 op shop. Sunset $5 op shop.

Bottom: both men’s t-shirts from Best & Less for $6 each.


Now we get back into this year’s t-shirt addiction. I bought more after the last lot. Not sure what the hell I’m going to do with them all.

The next four were $26.67 each from Red Bubble. And yeah, I think I might wear the shit out Wonka!


The top two were also $26.67 each. LOVE Men in Tights! Haven’t seen Edward Scissorhands since the 80s, though. Or the Lost Boys, although it has been on recently.

Bottom two were $24.77 each.


These three were also $24.77 each. I WANT AN ALF DOLL!!!!! The ALF movie was on earlier this year, but I didn’t watch all of it, just parts. Bugger!



And this was the last batch for 2022 and probably forever, as I now have way too many t-shirts. At $21.68 each, they were on sale and cheap.

Mars Attacks, Scarlett and Rhett, The Electric Mayhem and Animal. Plus a purple Jem and the Holograms.


I have way too many t-shirts now, and the wardrobe is overflowing. I’ll definitely be culling over the holidays and re-organising everything.


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