End of 2023 Catch Up. What I’ve Achieved this Year


Not much has been added to since the mid-year catch-up, so it’s pretty much the same.

As usual, green is for done, orange for in the process of, red is not going to happen or was changed out, and black is for not in a rush.


I had these PLANNED for doing…


Under L.J. Diva…

1 – Write multiple novels but only publish one this year. (edit, editor, format, covers, upload, proofs, issues, pre-order, release, posts, quotes, character lists, etc.)

2 – Write a reader magnet for my mailing list.

I decided not to publish at all. I’ve been writing for eleven years in a row, and publishing for nine years in a row. It was time for a break, but I have written novels which will be published across the next few years.


Under T.K. Wrathbone…

1 – Maybe write… There’s no rush or need.

2 – Write a reader magnet for my mailing list.

Neither of these.


Under Tiara King…

1 – Maybe write a novel.

2 – Maybe re-write my book on self-publishing.

3 – Try and fix the issues with the KDP versions of my Poems series. They’re still available via Amazon because they’re published elsewhere, but the versions I upload direct to Amazon don’t like the interior pics.

4 – Write a reader magnet for my mailing list.

So far, none of these are happening, and may not.


Social Mafia

1 – Continue to pick one to two days a month to schedule blog posts.

2 – Do book flips and effects videos, as well as book reads for social media.

3 – Start posting more “real” stuff to my social media, not just my book videos. They’ll go to the Royal Star Publishing channels, and a few to mine when the book is out. I’m talking about fun stuff, using effects and games, and some “real” me vids, mainly for TikTok, but a few will go elsewhere. I don’t want to be one of those whingy whiny people who do videos of themselves crying and complaining about shit, so I’ll try and keep that to a minimum.

4 – Continue to post to social during the week across the board and Pinterest boards monthly.

5 – Use the first school holiday “business break” April 15-30, to update the Tiara King website for migrating the book and business blog posts from TKW and LJD.

– Would need the Kadence version of Boho to get book widget and arches in Orchid library block.

– Set up bookstore page?

– Finish setting up all of the pages needed for LJD and TKW on TK. (character lists, book quotes, hot men, love links, PSB – timeline, family tree, business trees, book quotes, character lists, songs?)

– Do I set up a “Writing as” section, or add it to my header image?

– Sort out social media icons.

– Get the blog ready.

– Set up for videos?

6 – Use the second school holiday “business break” July 8-24, to update the website for Royal Star Publishing with a new theme and makeover in preparation for a new book release in September.

– Hello You Coach theme? Or buy Kadence Boho so I can download to mine as well?

– Buy Orchid library block? Has arches.

– Works with Mooberry?

– Next sale is in July.

7 – Use the third school holiday “business break” Sep30-Oct 15, to migrate all posts from TKW and LJD over to their new homes on TK and JDS, and leave them with a final page saying they’re closing down at the end of the year.

– Fun posts go to JDS. Sort out any issues.

– Book, business, legals, etc, goes to TK. Sort out any issues.

– Organise the blog on TK before adding it to the front page and going live. Call it news?

– When done, do a blog post and send it out to TK social media.

– When done, do a blog post and send it out to JDS social media.

8 – In December, close down the websites and social media for TKW and LJD and redirect the urls to their new pages on TK.

– Remove pictures and urls from front page of TK under the blog section.

– The PSB url will need to be redirected to the PSB series page on TK.

9 – In December 23/January 24, update the web theme for JDS for a semi-retirement.

– Have found new theme of 15 to play around with, or upload genesis Boho theme to save money?

A lot of this was done earlier than expected, so there’s almost nothing left to do. Anything in red was changed out or won’t happen at this time.



1 – Pay all of my business payments this year, so here comes thousands of dollars spent on domain and business names, as well as trademarks.

2 – Send the copies of Anything for You, One Bone, Six Bone, and #Teenblogger, along with the letter, in their lolly covered gift box to Jason Sudeikis.

3 – Continue with the local writers’ group.

4 – Finish getting the four stand-alone novels up on GP and Kobo as AI audio books.

5 – Do corrections to four stand-alone books and reupload e-books and print books to sale sites.

6 – Do the “Screenwriting with the creator of Bluey” online event in February, and an online “Inside Publicity” event from the SA Writers’ Centre in March.

7 – Use MS Word’s Read Aloud to listen to the rest of the TKW books and the Porn Star Brothers series for errors. Correct them and re-upload.

8 – Get the Porn Star Brothers collection up on GP and Kobo as an AI audio book.

9 – Continue to catch up with old author courses that I’ve done to try and learn things.

10 – And from those courses, try Amazon, Bookbub, or Facebook ads.

11 – Try and find an online screenwriting course. Something else I’d like to add to my bow and cap.

12 – Use the information from the online Content, Profile, and Opinion writing courses to write better blog posts, as well as opinion pieces for websites and media.

13 – Start contacting papers, magazines, radio and TV stations for my opinion pieces.

14 – Do media releases based on the online media release course I did.

15 – Get my newsletter going with those reader magnets I need to write.

16 – Try Amazon’s A+ Content for my book’s Amazon pages. Although this is not highly recommended by authors, many use it.

17 – Potentially close down Streetlib. This might come at the end of the year after writing about them for my non-fic self-publishing book. Potentially close Pubdrive. It will depend on audio book sales.

At least half the list was done by April. Those still in black weren’t done as there’s no rush or issue with getting them done now.



1 – Look at other measures to help my weight issues.

2 – Look at other measures to help my nail issues as they’re even worse than they were before.

3 – Still make the effort to be off the internet by 10:30, or earlier, most nights for time out. Take Friday nights off over winter to veg out in front of the TV and heater. Keep up the Iron and Vit D through winter to stave off lethargy.

4 – Continue with the chiro.



1 – Save more each fortnight and continue to keep the credit card to a monthly limit.



1 – I still need to restring all of my bracelet stacks with new elastic. Something I’ve let go since late 2021.

2 – Repair all of the jewellery that’s broken in the last year. And yeah, there’s been a few, especially bracelets.

3 – Make something out of the bulk lot of yellow jewellery I bought a couple of years ago.

4 – Steam my capes. They’re so jam-packed in my tiny long closet that they’re squished.


My Jewel Divas MadeIt store closed as of October. Back in January 2022 when I closed the socials, I kept the store as the last space in order to sell down the track. Due to MadeIt having new owners in that time, and their website and business makeover this year, I would have to pay a monthly subscription fee just to keep the store open, even if I didn’t sell, so that’s money I will/need to save. They also only sell in Australia, so I couldn’t make overseas sales. I asked that they take me off the list, but as I own the business and trade mark names, I will be keeping an eye on who sets up a store with that name. 

It’s been ten years since I joined MadeIt, in 2013, and I think the universe was sending me a message. Time to close and fully concentrate on my writing. 


So, as you can see, a lot is green. Anything that’s red either isn’t happening or was changed out with a million notes.

What’s left in black are thoughts and ideas. There’s no pressure for those to happen, but hopefully they will.

I’ve been very busy with thoughts and ideas, and a lot was done ahead of time, like all three websites, and deletion of social mafia accounts. A lot is still up for consideration, so we’ll see what happens next year…


Things will be changing once again come new year. I’ve already decided to not blog as often, as I want to get back to spending my time writing as much as I can. Real life is encroaching upon my writing time more and more, and I have less time to write or create and I want to get back to it, hence all of the decisions in closing social media and websites. I’m considering not even doing these posts anymore, and switching to blogging once a fortnight, or doing just a few basic posts throughout the year.

But, as always, we’ll see what happens come the new year for times, and life, could change again. See you in the New Year.



So, did you guys have a to-do list for the year, and how much have you achieved at the end of it?


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