Why are there so many Zombie movies on tv lately?

What is it with the rash of zombie movies on tv lately.

Every Monday night there’s a pommie show called Dead Set on SBS. It’s a show set in the world of the U.K’s Big Brother and the contestants being trapped in the house as the world gets zombiefied.

Then afterwards, there’s a zombie movie. Last week was the Spanish original ”Rec”, which was remade last year. About a reporter following two firemen to a callout and then getting trapped in the apartment building because of a plague thing.

Tonight there’s one about mutated tree sap infecting people. Saturday night I watched Dawn of the Dead on channel ten.

I went to bed a 1:30 am and couldn’t sleep for fear of being bitten.

It would seem that the last month or so has been zombiefied.

28 Days Later has also been on.

Now there’s a new computer game about 10,000 zombies or something, and Woody Harrelson in a new movie called Zombieland.

I don’t know what it is about zombie movies, or why they’ve been on, but I am bizarrely drawn to them and then find myself not being able to sleep.

Only got myself to blame.


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