Robbie Williams and his Take That reunion was bullshit!!!!

Well, well, well, for days, weeks, months, years, almost decades, people having been daydreaming and gossiping about a Take That reunion.

15 years after Robbie left (1995) he was reunited on stage for a charity concert with the four other members of TT.

Now for some, it’s been a long time coming, but from what I saw, it was a waste of time.

First he came out on stage and hugged the boys after they sang, then sang himself. But they weren’t together.

And then at the end, TT were singing with Paul McCartney and Robbie came out, but then so did everyone else, to sing the song to finish the night.


I’ve read all the books on Robbie, TT, and Gary’s My Take, which just went to show what a greedy, money hungry, selfish, self centred twat he was. Robbie was right to be angry and upset.

And if Nigel Martin Smith is as big a knob as has been said, then I’m on Rob’s side. He was treated like shit and hopefully, has finally dealt with all the pain and shit he went through.

Although, considering he was on stage with the boys, it looks like he has finally gotten past it all. I’ve also read that he has spent time talking to Gary, trying to sort everything out. Wonder how that went!

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