When you’ve got bad feet, Frankie4 Footwear may be the way to go! It was for me!

FRANKiE4 footwear

It’s the week of the feet here at JDS, purely because I need to show off the awesome shoes I’ve acquired over the holiday break and talk about the audit I’ve done. Let’s talk about that  first.

I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be the year of the handbag and shoes with me. 2015 was the year of kaftans and kimonos, now I need a decent handbag and good shoes, hence the year of handbags and shoes. So far across xmas/new year of 2015/2016 I’ve chucked four pairs of shoes, have two for sale in The Style Store, have my eye on selling about 10 more and bought 12 just over a few months. So it all equals out in numbers, right? God help me if I find more to buy, I just don’t have the room.

Now, let’s move on.

I spoke about Frankie 4’s last year here.

I started buying these late last year, Frankie 4 Footwear’s that is, an Aussie shoes company, and bought Margie in gold before any others. Soft, bouncy and velcroed up the wahzoo, Margie is great for running around and walking long distances.


Sadly, they’re not so good for driving in. After four wears, the heel had already started rubbing off due to the car mat, so, that means Margie will not be used for driving any more.


Next came the silver Ellies which were back in stock, then the silver Sophies, gold Jennis and gold Janelles. Sadly, I bought Janelle and Sophie in size 11 believing that because Ellie and Jenni were 11s then they’d fit too, but they didn’t so they had to go back, hence I didn’t get Janelle in gold, but exchanged it for the navy suede which is just as good.


All enclosed shoes come with inner soles and arch supports which you can change for each foot depending on your issues. Which is good because I have flat feet and need that support.

At this stage there are no silver sandals from Frankie4, which I could have done with, so I am still on the hunt for those.


Do you guys have feet issues and need innersoles and have had to hunt down shoes made by podiatrists for people with foot problems?


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