The thieving bastards who stole my pictures and won’t remove them regardless of copyright!



Let’s get right into Business Style, where thieving Indian bastards stole my photos from my Pinterest page!

As you all know, I was on a kaftan shopping spree last year. I bought them, took pics, blogged about them and then uploaded the pics to my Pinterest board – Kaftan and Kimono King.

I was shopping for kaftans online when I came across one that looked like mine. I clicked the link and found Silk n Crystals, and four more of my kaftans. Yep, MY kaftans.

It turns out they took my pictures from my Pinterest board, removed my copyright, blotted out some of the tags and thought that would be enough.

However, I know my coat hangers, I know my kaftans, and these are definitely my kaftans in the pictures they stole.

I’ve had an online stoush with them and the website for the last two months and no one has done anything. 

Silk n Crystals has threatened me with a lawsuit for theft because they think I am illegally selling their kaftans, they have threatened to make me pay thousands of dollars, and have been a general pain in my arse.

The company running the website has done nothing but laugh in my face. Asking over and over again to prove they are mine. For Christ’s sake, how many times can I direct them to my original blog post heremy Pinterest board here and tell them I know they are mine.

Regardless, they have broken copyright law in Australia as this is the country they stole from, and have probably broken Indian copyright laws as well.

The fight continues.


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