What I Did On My Third Writing Holiday For 2018


It was the final writing holiday for 2018, there is only three after all, but here’s what I did every day. Managed to get TKW stories written and some typed up.


SATURDAY 29TH – finished off short stories

SUNDAY 30TH – finished off short stories

MONDAY 1ST – wrote a chapter of one of my kids’ larger stories

TUESDAY 2ND – wrote another chapter…

WEDNESDAY 3RD – wrote another two chapters and finished it off.

THURSDAY 4TH – shopping, library, did the rest of my taxes, watched Suicide Squad on tv.

FRIDAY 5TH – washing and paperwork during the day, Henry Cavill at night, oh, wait, make that watched Batman V Superman on tv.

SATURDAY 6TH – started typing up Bones of Wrath: Monsters, got 30 pages done.

SUNDAY 7TH – typed up the rest of Bones of Wrath: Monsters, 20 pages, and dealt with daylight savings

MONDAY 8TH – woke late due to daylight savings, ugh, ended up doing a bunch of paperwork

TUESDAY 9TH – started another kids’ story, first chap

WEDNESDAY 10TH – wrote two chapters

THURSDAY 11TH – shopping, library and chiro

FRIDAY 12TH – washing, dishes, JDS blog posts, last chapter of TKW story

SATURDAY 13TH – started typing up my kids’ stories

SUNDAY 14TH – as above


I’m surprised I managed to get the stories written. I wrote one back in April/May but there was just no inspiration to make me keep going, and then I had all of the paperbacks to get done so all of the business stuff had precedence. But, since all that was done by Sep 19th on release date, I’ve had a couple of weeks to get ready and get done. So hopefully, for the rest of the month, I’ll write next year’s TKW as well to put me ahead while I’m in the mood. Thankfully, I can at least write 10 pages a day, that’s something.

What did you guys get up to these last two weeks?


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  1. Sally Odgers October 15, 2018 at 9:40 am

    That’s an impressive body of work. I’ve spent the last two weeks editing, proof reading and finishing writing “I Promise”. Then there’s blogging, and getting my “Object Lesson” book into shape. I had to split it because it was over 1000 pages.

    1. Jewel Divas Style October 19, 2018 at 8:20 pm

      I know the feeling. You’ll be getting the kids’ stories to edit soon.


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