Was it really a matter of a false alarm or was there a bomb at the Elizabeth Shopping Centre in South Australia?

Mum had a doctor’s appointment today so we went to the Elizabeth Shopping Centre. We started at entrance #1 and made our way down to Big W at #2. Their alarm was going off but no one seemed concerned so we went inside.

We weren’t even there for 2 minutes before being evacuated by the staff. Mum’s wailing behind me about how she wanted her scarf because we had to hand all our potential shopping back to leave. 

I turned to her and said a fire was more important than her bloody scarf. So we got out and all stood around. Some left and others went about their shopping. Next minute, the shopping centre’s alarm is going off and we all had to exit to the door at #3 next to Coles.

Well it was quite warm here in Adelaide today and we all gathered outside and thank God there was some shade as mum was in a gopher and could only drive around.

After 5 minutes or so a voice came over the intercom and told us all the alarm had been checked out and everything was fine. We all cheered and went back inside with mum telling me to run back to Big W and get her scarf. I had the trolley (cart for all the Americans reading this) and managed to grab the scarf and bags of M&Ms before they went back on the shelf.

We managed to grab a few more things before leaving as mum was freaking out. She’d heard the word bomb being mentioned by Big W staff on our way out, and since there was no smoke and no fireys who knows what the problem was. It was probably just an alarm malfunction.

We continued on our merry way with me buying more black clothes and we had KFC for lunch. At least after the alarm the shops were fairly empty for an hour or so, and by the time we got to the food court it was 2pm and nearly empty.

We finished off the day with more clothes and a mint shake from KFC when we left, and didn’t get home till 6:30pm. I’m tired and my feet are aching and I can’t wait for Grimm’s season one final so I can perve and drool over the hot spunky stud David Giuntoli and then I’m off to bed for some very hot dreams.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep after the excitement of today as I’ve never been evacuated form a shopping centre before.

Have any of you guys been ever been evacuated before and how exciting was it for you! 

Pity I didn’t have my camera! 

I would have taken pics of the Telstra shop workers who are very tall, very young and VERY good looking!

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