TRAVEL STYLE: My Top Ten Travel Tips for Clothes

These are some of the tips I’ve come up with after all the times I went travelling.
1 – Make sure your clothes DO NOT need ironing as it is not something you want to be doing on your holiday and you DO NOT need to carry an iron with you ANYWHERE. Only take wash and wear clothes.
2 – Make a clothing capsule. Pick three or four colours and co-ordinate your outfits around those colours. Keep the amount limited as picking your pieces well will mean you can get an enormous amount of outfits out of say, 20 pieces of basic clothing. Always add extra tops or accessories to change the look of an outfit.
3 – Keep all tops together unless it’s one that cannot be rolled or folded, so hang it in a dress bag.
4 – Make sure you use good hangers for those pieces going into a suit or dress bag. And you are able to hang at least two or three pieces on each hanger, especially skirts or pants. It will save the space in wardrobes.
5 – Depending on the bottom of your case you may be able to roll or fold jeans, sweatpants, jumpers, hoodies or lounging clothes into the gaps on the bottom in between the rods for the pop up handle. Of course that’s for cases that have the rods, if not, still see if they can go on the bottom of the case as they will be some of the heaviest or bulkiest pieces.
6 – Speaking of heavy and bulky, keep jumpers, coats, and jeans to a minimum. If going from a warm to a cold climate, take your thickest, or only coat on board with you so you can put it on when you arrive. If going from a cold to warm climate, then obviously one coat or jumper is all you’ll need.
7 – If you are on a business trip, business suits and blouses are a must but don’t forget to pack some casual clothes for outings.
8 – If you don’t exercise there’s no need for tracksuits. But if you like lounging in them then only take one set. If you do exercise, try for small lightweight tops and shorts/pants and only one pair of sneakers.
9 – Limit sleepwear. Three nighties or shirts should do and if you like pjs then three small simple sets. One in the wash, one to wear and one for a spare. A lightweight dressing gown and a pair of light small slippers will also do. Some people prefer just using socks instead of lugging slippers around, and there are slipper socks you can get, they’re like a sock but have a rubbery bottom.
10 – You may need to pack and repack your clothes depending on the size of your case and if you’re using capsules, especially if you don’t want to crease or wrinkle your stuff. There’s nothing wrong with trying different ways of layering bags and capsules and who knows, you may come up with a way that’s so good it allows you to pack some more.
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