STYLE NOTES: The Happy Planner Bookish Collection Comes Home!

A few years ago I became a bit of a planner obsessive. Thankfully, it didn’t last long and I became addicted to folios instead.

Say what!

Exchange one obsession for another, I did. But it didn’t, and hasn’t, stopped me from buying anything that has to do with my two jobs. Jewellery, and writing.

Which is why I just had to have the Happy Planner Bookish collection!

YAY!!!!! (think of me as Kermit the Frog waving my hands in the air right now)

They came out earlier in the year but I had to postpone buying them, and then that shit face called Covid happened and the Aussie store I was buying from didn’t get them, but YAY, they finally came in, and I managed to buy them last month to add to my writing collection.



All up I had to buy two lots of goodies as some were on order, but I finally managed to get them.

Here are the classic and mini planners on top, and the notebook and notepaper on the bottom.


I bought the planner kit and two sets of the bookmarks on top, and two sticker books on the bottom.


The back of the mini planner looks just as good as the front, as does the back of the notebook.


Here are some of the monthly inserts in the planners.


Now, because I have so much stuff, I’ve been buying Sistema containers. I’ve bought them since before I started my planner obsession, but they’ve come in very handy for planner goods, notebooks and stickers, coz God knows I’ve got millions of them. But I’m trying out a 14 litre sized container for my writing planner stuff. So on the left is my Kikki K, Recollections and other writerly notebooks, and on the right is my Happy Planner writerly books that I’m currently not using. 


I’m planning to go through my Happy Planner goodies sometime over the Christmas break and sort them all out into notebooks so they can be used in my publishing folder. I’m already using a couple of them, but may change them up. I’ll also be going through the rest of my Happy Planner planners and sorting through them as well.


Below, I added the tissue paper from my two orders and then laid my Officeworks notebook on the top. The lid clips on and keeps everything all neat and tidy.


I bought my planner goodies at Washi Gang here in Aus, for $239.85, and you can visit them here.

And I bought my Sistema container from Big W for $15, but you can check them out here at Sistema Plastics.



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