STYLE NOTES: The Fashion Sketchpad

I recently discovered The Fashion Sketchpad for budding fashion designers. There are two sizes, large….
which has details about designing
and outlines called croquis, rhymes with hokey!
they are the outlines for you to draw over.
 then there’s The Pocket Fashion Sketchpad for on the go designs.
I bought one of each obviously and think they’re so fantastic I’m going to use them for my designs.
Of course you didn’t know I was a clothing designer as well, hey!
It started all the way back in the mid 80s when Jem and the Holograms came out.
I loved these styles so much I started drawing them myself and while I cannot remember if I have the originals, I am showing you my updated versions….
I even started designing Nancy Drew’s clothes that were described in the books or drawn on the covers!
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