Over the last few months I’ve been buying jewellery with the vague idea of making something special.
I found the two necklaces below from Equip
the earrings from Colette
elephant bangle from ebay (version of Samantha Wills Tusk Dynasty)
Ring I’ve shown before
Samantha Wills Temple ring
a red ebay bangle
 and a Lovisa bracelet
add an extra three bracelet stack, some red and blue turquoise beads and what do you have….a funky tribal jewellery set.
made a funky 8 piece bracelet stack
and added them together. It was actually the bangle that set me off on making an orange and blue bracelet stack
And in recent sales due to my local Lovisa store becoming an outlet, so that means everything is always on sale, yay, I got these next two necklaces, which I have had my eye on for ages, for $9 each
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