STYLE NOTES: Moleskine Passions Style Journal

When I came to the conclusion that I was doing a styling course I started looking for all manner of style books online. The first I came across was a MOLESKINE PASSIONS STYLE JOURNAL.
They have a passion journal for almost anything, and since I was doing styling, and also had my own shopping list of clothes, jewellery and accessories to buy in a notebook that I carried with me everywhere that was looking a bit tattered, I decided, after trying to choose between five style notebooks I had bought, that I would use this one.
Inside it has measurements
a cleaning chart
colour and fabric lists
and separate sections for what you might need
you also get stickers to splatter through the book
and a pocket at the back to keep your extra stickers and bits and pieces in
I decided that the sections they had put in weren’t necessary so I used the stickers to create the sections appropriate for me
the cover is black, which I hate as it should have been pink, but it is embossed with clothes and accessories
I get all of my notebooks and also the fashion books I buy from ebay, Fishpond, Awesome Books and Book Depository
You can watch the Moleskine video below to get the idea about this book, it’s so cute, and if you need a style journal, or notebook, this is a great one for sections.
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  1. The Tote Trove May 5, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Love this! Especially how it is “embossed with clothes and accessories” on the back. By the way, I too carry around a notebook full of clothes and accessories (and craft supplies) to buy.


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