Housework! Who really gives a shit?


I’m a Taurus and we’re generally house proud people, but when we live in someone else’s house, renting of course, why should we give a shit?

I recently read an article from Phil and Amity who won the Block, instead of buying their own house she’s thinking of renovating the house they rent.


Why spend your hard won money just to renovate someone else’s house? Why renovate someone else’s house just to have them say, “thanks for the renovations, out you go I’m selling/moving in myself.”

I wouldn’t waste my money on someone else’s house.

So chores and housework are not done on a regular basis. Why bother? I’m not a dirty person, there’s no need to clean the toilet every week, do the vacuuming every day, dust every week.

I’m a relatively clean person and cannot understand why American women have the need to clean the whole house top to bottom every single day along with three loads of washing?

Does that say American’s are dirtier than the rest of us?

As long as the house looks good, a clean and dust every second month and maybe a vacuum every six months or so is fine.

After all, there’s too much important shit to worry about than whether your cupboards need dusting or your floor needs vacumming.

Seriously people!



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