STAR STYLE: The good, the bad, and the ugly of the 2013 TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet looks.

On Sunday night we had our TV awards. The 2013 TV WEEK Logie Awards are the 55th and maybe the last. Below are just some of the red carpet choices worn by our stars and my opinions on them.
The Project’s Carrie Bickmore. The dress is great in style and shape, it’s problem is it blends in with the carpet colour so it does tend to get lost. Her hair is great and overall the look is fab.
Home and Away’s Emily Symons. Nothing spectacular dress wise, but the overall look with her swept back hair is glamorous.
Home and Away’s Georgie Parker. The hair is a bit severe looking and the dress looks odd, but the unusual pattern and style makes it stand out, and that’s what award shows are all about. Standing out!
Home and Away’s Samara Weaving. Fab dress (except for the zip seam ending under her low slung bottom and so scrunching up), almost fab hair, fab look in general.
Cannot stand Jennifer Hawkins. The neckline is weird and overall the dress is blah!
Gold Logie Winner, Offspring’s Asher Keddie. Very plain and boring, the neckline made her shoulders look wide and her hair was unkept.
TV hag and celebrity wanna-be, Brynne Edelston. The trashy tart who married an old ugly man because he convinced her he had money when he didn’t. Ugh, someone throw that woman back to the Americans, we don’t want her.
Rebecca Judd. Football wag and weather girl. She has never dressed properly at any function, and only came to our attention for the low cut, high slit dress she flashed her tits and crotch in at some footy awards. This dress is foul and so is her high pony tail. Get bloody real.
Zoe Foster with her husband, radio funny boy, Hamish Blake. The hair is down and boring but it’s the satin skirt that shows off her hip, thigh and bum. Not a good look.
TV veteren Kerri-Anne Kennerly, or KAK as we know her. This is a great dress for partying on the Gold Coast but not the Logies. One of KAK’s worst Logie outfits.
Home and Away youngster Kassandra Clementi. Young starlets NEVER get it right.
Weather gal Magdalena Roze. I hate neutrals and nudes and this colour is boring and bland.
Home and Away’s Rhiannon Fish. She’s dating a talent show winner and decided to go with braids and some sort of weird fish tail dress to match her name I suppose.
TV veteran Colette Mann. She’s currently in soapie Neighbours and 
God help her coz a stylist didn’t.
Below are some of the stars who absolutely ruined EVERYTHING by wearing their hair down. It’s the way they wear their hair EVERY DAY OF THE GOD DAMN YEAR and clearly couldn’t be bothered wearing it up or doing something different for the Logies. HOW BORING!
I LOVE this dress. It’s ethereal and floaty and while Ada Nicodemous’s hair is “old Hollywood glam”, she should have put it up in a soft bun or twist. She wears her hair down every other day, wear it up for the logies.
Home and Away’s Catherine Mack goes plain and boring hair and dress colour wise. And why is it NO ONE seems to be able to get a proper bust size?
Celebrity wanna-be Jecinta Campbell. The dress was see-through in the right light and I have no idea if she was even wearing underwear. Her hair is shorter and still plain and boring. I’m not a fan of Jecinta’s, she’s a bit too young and idiotic in the way she speaks and comes across for my liking. Not mature.
Supposed comedienne and actor Julia Morris. She’s not funny, regardless of what comes out of her mouth and she said she had Spanx on. She didn’t. The material of her dress, plus cut and style, clearly showed lumps and bumps.
Kat Stewart from Offspring and Mr and Mrs Murder looked like she rolled out of her death bed. Her hair, the dress, even the pained look on her face. A bit thin and hungry I think. 
The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies with foul hair. This woman has her hair this way every day. It’ ugly and horrible and should have been put up for the Logies. Kylie, you need a hair makeover. SERIOUSLY!
Lisa Wilkinson from the Today Show. Again, she wears her hair down every day and should have put it up. Evening dresses require an up do. Not the same old style you wear everywhere.
Georgie Gardner also from the Today Show. Wrong diagonal, wrong colour, wrong hair.
Laura Dundovic from Foxtel, I think. These ex Miss Australia wanna-bes always look the same. The dress is for a lunch date and the hair is a bloody mess. What is wrong with these girls? They don’t even want to dress up for the freakin’ Logies for God’s sake.
Winners and Losers, Melanie Vellejo. Ugly colour, ugly hair!
The Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges. Ugly dress, ugly hair.
Glamour Girl Sophie Faulkner. The blonde bombshell needs to put her hair up as the overall look was ruined.

These were just SOME of the looks from the red carpet. So many older women went with their hair down like they wear it ever other day of their life. 


It’s the Logies for God’s sake. The one time of the year they can dress up to the nine’s. 

But do they? 


It annoys me every year when watching the Logie’s red carpet, that so many can still get it so wrong. 

Do they have stylists? 

If they do, the stylist needs to be shot.

If they don’t, then they need to be shot.

So many have no idea how to dress themselves or wear what they SHOULD be wearing, not what they THINK they should be wearing.


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  1. Angie January 13, 2015 at 11:07 am

    I loved your comments, you’re 100% spot on… But I hate this website.

  2. Jewel Divas Style January 13, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Wow, nearly two years on from this post and you felt the need to agree with me and then insult me. Not interested in being insulted and I really don’t give a fat rats if you like my website, there was no need to say it since this is the only comment you’ve ever made. Don’t come back.


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