PLANNER MONTH: Recollections

This was the first planner I bought from eBay US. The hot pink and gold flamingo appeals to me and my nature. The rings are a little loose, but it does for storage for the plastic inserts I also bought off eBay. The magnetic bookmarks and card set were also from eBay. I’m disappointed in the size of the cards. I thought they were going to be normal planner size, but they ended up being small. So I cut them down and now have a full page of them in my actual planner that I’m using. But more on that at the end of the planner month.




I also had my eye on these Michael’s Recollections zippered planners. I finally manage to buy four of them along with a roll of perfume bottle washi and this gorgeous My Prima Planner shaker insert. I got the flamingo washi as a surprise. 


As much as I loved the way these planners looked online, I actually don’t like two of them. The top two, the Capture Every Moment and the I Have Fabulous Plans ones, I’ll be keeping. But the other two will be sold at a later date as I really don’t have a need for them.



Have you guys been hooked on all the Recollections goodies?


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