Oh the hypocrisy! Women complain about suppression, yet women are doing the suppressing.

We’re getting a lot of guff about feminism lately. It’s everywhere, on TV, radio, magazines, and personally, I’m over it.

Don’t call me a feminist. Don’t call me a non-feminist. Don’t use the word around me at all. I don’t care to partake in who is, and why shouldn’t you be, I just want the world to shut up and leave me out of it.

Women constantly whine about suppression and how we work hard for this, that and the other. Women constantly complain about how women get paid less than men. Women constantly complain about women being treated worse and blah, blah, blah.

Well, the way I see it, women are suppressing themselves.

Women are the ones constantly asking each other, and men, when are you going to settle down, get married, have kids.

Isn’t that suppression in itself?

The whole settling down thing feels very much like suppression to me. To me it means, and converts to, “when are you going to leave your job, be tied to a man and children and the kitchen sink, get rid of your hopes and dreams, and basically have nothing?” That’s what it equates to me. And that to me is suppression.

I’m over the whole phrase of, “when are you going to settle down?” It’s bullshit for starters and no one’s business for seconds.

Why should a single woman constantly be asked when is she going to find a man (because we still cannot survive without one), get married (because it’s the be-all and end-all of life), and have kids (like every woman can or will have them and you must be obsessing over having them).

It’s suppression. Why do women constantly ask it of everyone? Why do women still not get in 2014 that we don’t HAVE to get married, have a man, have kids, and be tied to the freakin’ kitchen sink to exist or be happy?

I’m over it. I’m over women still being so god damn stupid and doing this shit to themselves, and I’m over the whole feminism bullshit. Leave me the fuck out of it and mind you own freakin’ business because my ovaries are none of yours.

Women are also the ones constantly attacking other women for their choices.


Recently a well-known TV journalist, Tracey Spicer, attacked Amal Alamuddin for her choice to change to Clooney


Why attack her? It’s her choice. Suppressing women again and trying to force your opinion and lifestyle on them. Suppression.

Tracey wrote, “Let me make this clear: as a human rights lawyer you are giving up a fundamental human right.”

What right would that be Tracey, to make her OWN choice about her surname?

Grow up you stupid woman!


Taylor Swift recently said in InStyle magazine, she’s too young to get married, not sure if she’ll get married and is not sure if she’ll have kids.

Well, the two females on our afternoon news discussed this and at the end of it said one of the dumbest things. “She’s young, she’ll change her mind”.

Sooooo, suppressing women again, because apparently women aren’t allowed to say they’re not having children without being shit on or patronised, and other women will not accept what they say by saying they’ll change their mind. You don’t know that they’ll change their mind and that kind of patronising comeback is telling more of you, the person who said it, than the person who said they don’t want kids.

There is no point saying you’re a feminist and then telling a woman she’s not allowed to do something because it suppresses her human rights. That’s hypocritical double standard sexist bullshit.

I’m calling bullshit on the whole feminist thing.

There’s also the bullshit mixed messages recently making the circuit.

Women are constantly told we should accept the person we are, the body we have and the way we look. That we shouldn’t change anything with plastic surgery because we are the way we are.


They are fully accepting of boys becoming girls because they cannot be bothered accepting who they are and feel they must change for their own peace of mind.

In fact, they applaud it.

So again, suppressing women by telling them to accept the way they are but congratulating men on changing. Why can’t people, ALL people, accept the fact they are the sex they are in this lifetime and stop blaming a God that does not exist for making a mistake.

I’m calling bullshit again. A big fat steaming pile of it.

If the world shut the fuck up, minded their own business and got on with their own lives we’d all be better off.





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