FASHION STYLE: ‘On Trend’, a phrase that needs to go!


On Trend, a phrase that needs to be removed from the vocabulary. Along with Luxe, Boho Luxe (bohemian luxury), must-have, investment, the new black, effortless (which we know it never is), juxtaposition and I could go on.

I have heard it way too many times this year with not only magazines, style sites, stylists, people in general, not to mention interior designers use it as well.

Whatever happened to the days of dressing how we wanted, decorating how we wanted, buying what we wanted?

Sure, what we buy may not always suit us, but if we have a fair idea of what we do look good in it’s a fair bet we have a wardrobe full of good stuff, stuff that we LIKE, stuff that we WANT.

NOT what we were told we NEED because it was “on trend” at the moment.

For years people, as in some stylists, have rebelled against trends because they are ridiculously quick fads that blast through our stratosphere, luring us into buying them because celebrities are being seen out and about with then.

Hammer pants, fluro, leg warmers…

Many have criticised trends as they come, claiming we shouldn’t wear it and they wouldn’t be caught dead in the said atrocity and yet here we are with the phrase, “on trend”.

I don’t care if something is “current” this season or this year, I will wear what I like, buy what I like and decorate my house with what I like. It all comes down to my budget, my favourite colours and not buying something simply because someone else has bought it and is marvelling at how fabulous it is.

I am my own person. I love certain colours over others, certain things over others. I will not buy it because it is currently “trendy” and in store.

Hell, they say everything comes back around every 15-20 years and bubble and ra-ra skirts, jelly sandals, fluro have all proved it, and just over the last few years.

What happened in the 80s was fantastic and shouldn’t stay in the 80s, but just because many of us have been there and done that, doesn’t mean we will go back and do it again simply because a new generation has declared it new, or a designer has resurrected it from the pit of nostalgia or the “vintage” section of an old op shop.

On trend doesn’t work with me. Trends come and go with such speed that there is no point wasting money following one. I’m not saying don’t get an accessory or piece of jewellery or two in the “trend”, or buying the latest jar to drink out of, although geez, what happened to drinking out of actual glasses? I’m saying the phrase needs to stop being used because really, who are the “experts” telling us what is and isn’t “on trend”.

And if we don’t like what’s currently “on trend” we’re not going to buy it anyway. Just leave us all in peace to buy what we like, when we like and at our own speed, not insist that it’s a “must have” because it’s sooooo “on trend” and we must rush out and buy it just to stick it in the back of the cupboard. Really, how many people have bought the latest “on trend” article simply to shove it to the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again (foldable and store away gym equipment). This is why trends should not be followed and people should stop telling us we need it because it’s “on trend”.

“On trend” or not, I’m over the phrase.

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