The Rise of the Bloggers came, now we need to get rid of the Floggers

We get it, bloggers wanted to make money out of their blog and their writing. Isn’t that what a lot of people want to do? But somewhere along the way companies took note. Saw how many followers, subscribers and likers people had, and started offering free goods in turn for good reviews. Companies wanted bloggers to flog their shit to their followers so they could get money.

But just as they were now acquiring bloggers to do the free work that celebrities had demanded payment for, so now were the bloggers. If you want their review, you’re gonna have to pay for them to flog your shit.

Hence, the rise of the Floggers began.

Floggers, I cannot stand.

I’m all for reading a blogger’s post about the great bargains they found at their local Kmart, or the awesome shoes they bought last Friday. But I am over seeing those hateful hashtags and words in their posts, regardless of what platform those posts are on.

#sponsored #gifted #sp 


I am so god damn sick and tired of seeing the free wardrobes, free accessories, free every fucking thing that these imbecilic pissants are getting to flog to their followers.

Does it work business wise? More than likely. And I know many companies have seen a massive increase in sales.

Does it work on me?

Fuck no.

Once I realised that a certain shoe company was giving more than one blogger a pair of free shoes, I got cranky. I sure as fuck can’t afford to spend $250 on shoes every fucking day. I refuse to spend $129 on a pair of faded ripped jeans because they are flogged by bloggers. I refuse to buy anything at full price when it’s over $25 unless I desperately want it.

I’m not a scab, I just know how to get better deals because I know the tricks of the trade. Jeans do NOT cost $129, it’s only cotton, and when shows do exposés on companies and their products, and which products are better, and the cheaper chain stores always win out, then I ain’t buying your $129 shit flogged by bloggers, or instagrammers, or facebookers.

I’m over the bullshit, the inconsistencies, the lies. Everything you have is sponsored by these companies wanting to make more money. You are being used as their cash cows, and your followers are being used as sheep by you.

Well, not this little black duck! (to quote daffy duck) I am not a sheep and will not follow blindly just because something may perk my attention.

I refuse to buy from stores anymore that use bloggers to flog their shit.

I refuse to pay full price for what you’ve got.

I refuse to follow bloggers and pissant reality contestants who think they’re celebrities and get entire holiday wardrobes for free.

I refuse to flow with the masses.

I refuse your bullshit ways.

I refuse to follow floggers!

Floggers must fall!

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