MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: My entire watch collection

Last week I showed you my brand spankin’ new blingy, sparkly watches, and now, here are my Swatches, plus my musical Mickey mouse, and silver multi colour stone watches. The one in the bag bottom right goes with the band next to it but the case is with the Asian watch as that one had broken.

all watches 1

That’s one of the unfortunate things with watches in general, when worn so much they rot from sweat and plastic ends up breaking. The red, white and gold one has a broken clasp, most have broken bits where the battery goes in so there’s sticky tape holding the battery cover down. I also forgot to show my original watch band, it’s black with silver studs as the watch played up and was sent back and was replaced with Alice, I also got to keep the band.

So besides my first “learner” watch and a Sylvester watch I never wear and don’t want to, below is my watch collection including the two brand newies. 

all watches 2

I really hope to keep adding to the collection, even though the batteries cost a fortune to get installed, I buy them and do it myself so it only made it $3.50 per battery and I did 7 this time. I’d love blingy sparkly ones in blue, pink, green, red and full gold and silver. Hell even animal print wouldn’t be bad as mum got herself a Guess animal print one the same time I got mine.

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