MY STYLE: Rocky and Bullwinkle with Golden Brown Stripes in a Parachute Jumper

I don’t know if it was a week of cheers this week. Mum finally came home but then I had to take her back the next day for blood tests because the nurse couldn’t get bloods and her stomach wound is still weeping. Yeah, gross, I know.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.41

JUMPER: Yep, still got a parachute clothing from 1990, Target or Kmart, present from mum

JEANS: Kmart as usual

BOOTS: Spendless Shoes boots as usual



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.42

TSHIRT: From Big W in 1990, $20

JEANS: Kmart

BOOTS: Spendless Shoes



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.43

TOP: from 1990s, Kmart, $17. I like to hang on to good clothes, lol

JEANS: Kmart

BOOTS: Spendless Shoes

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas Tiger Eye set with hand made necklaces and bracelet stacks, chain store rings and ebay earrings


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