BOOK STYLE: Rachel Zoe and Selina Lake

I haven’t bought a lot of books in the last few years, mainly Nancy Drews, but I finally caught up on others that I’ve been wanting, purely because I finally had the money to do so.

First up, I finally scored Rachel Zoe’s second book, Living In Style. I bought her first one a few years back and got this out of the library to see what it was like. It went on my ‘to buy’ list and has finally come home.


The second lot of books I managed to acquire, purely because there was six of them to buy, are Selina Lake’s books. I first posted about them here, my favourites are Bazaar, Romantic and Homespunwhen I got them out of the library. I loved them so much they also went on my ‘to buy’ list and I finally managed to get the first six. Sadly, Winter Living doesn’t have a book jacket, but that doesn’t matter. 


I had nowhere to put them so put them on top of my jewellery books to take this pic.



What books have you guys bought recently?


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