MY STYLE: Pink Studded Skulls

I only went out once this week and what a day it was. Shopping, home, lunch, back up the shop to go to the chiro then a bit more shopping, then home to hammer nails into my bookshelf to keep it together.

Unfortunately, something bad also happened, more on that below.


JDS - MY STYLE 2016.59

TOP: Ice from 2013, $15

SHIRT: from the 90s, found this in an op shop for $6

VEST: From a store called Lucy in the 90s. They made the clothes in the factory out the back and sold it in the store in front. The clothes were good and brand new. I think it was $6.

JEANS: Kmart as usual

BOOTS: Op shop from 2014, $49.25

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas skulls. I made the necklace, earrings and bought and matched the rest. The earrings didn’t last for long…see below.

Turns outs, the earrings didn’t even make it out the yard. I was opening the double gate to leave and when I bent over the earring back came unstuck and the earring fell and smashed. I don’t know if it can be fixed. I’d had the hoops for about 20 years and they had been sitting in my craft box for about 10. So clearly the glue had aged. I hate it when shit like this happens.



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