My Personal Collection: Brown jewellery and clothes

Hi all, today is Brown day. As with Orange, I’m not a big fan of brown. As you will see from the pics, I have next to none of this colour in my wardrobe. It’s a colour, like yellow and cream, that makes me look sick and pale. It also seems to clash with my brown hair for some reason.

Five acrylic bracelets I made.
A gorgeous brown pearl key necklace from ebay. I’d love to find more to make earrings out of them.
A cameo set which I made except for the ring which I bought from a chain store. A few years ago I bought big bulk lots from ebay and found these, amongst other charms and what nots, in there.
My animal set. The three necklaces, ring, and bottom bracelet all came from chain stores. The top two bracelets from ebay and I made the earrings.
I only have this gold and brown top from Kmart. I know it doesn’t look gold but it is. So I wear any set with it.
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