My Personal Collection: Purple jewellery and clothes

So today it’s purple. I have some jewellery but not many clothes. I’m not a big purple fan. I do like plum and amethyst tones and have a couple of blouses and tops in those colours.

Bracelets. Made all the bead ones and bought the top ones off ebay and the bottom left from Target for $1.50. God, how cheap.
Found a few sellers on ebay who sell jewellery of course. Got this plum and gold bangle.
This gorgeous silver stretch bracelet.
This amazing tibetan silver style bangle cuff. The stones are only on one side and look lightly marbelized.
A bead necklace from a chain store.
A plum necklace from a clothing store. Got it half price.
Cute little girl from ebay. Only cost $3 something.
This came from ebay too. An amazing mermaid ring.
Two flower rings from chain stores.
Silver and amethyst rings from chain stores.
I made this set. I wanted a gold purple set and so did this. Not sure if I still want it though.
Same with this set. I’ve made and bought so many great things I think these are dowdy now. Made everything except the two small pearl earrings and the real pearl bracelets above them. Bought those at a jeweller. The pink pearl earrings I got for free after complaining to the manager about a staff member. Same store as the bracelets.
Got this set off ebay in a bulk lot of other things.
As I mentioned at the beginning, I don’t have many clothes but this is one I will NEVER get rid of. A gorgeous lilac blazer with satin detail. $50 from a clothing store.
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