My Nancy Drew Collection. Part 4



I found these books in the very early 90s and DEVOURED them. They were more adult and mature and I LOVED all of the clothes the girls wore. I loved them so much, I started making a list of their clothes, and then my clothes, and then started buying clothes to match theirs I was that obsessed with this series.

I have all 78 of the UK series, but still need several for the US set because I thought the last lot of UK versions WERE US versions, but nope, still have to track them down. There are also several special edition 2 and 3in1s to track down.

I have special editions of each, omnibuses, and boxed sets. Some you’ve seen, most you haven’t.

All will be available to see on my Pinterest Board (LINK HERE)


UK Series

Bottom left of the next one is a large print hardcover.


US Series



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