My Nancy Drew Collection. Part 10

And here we are at the final Nancy Drew post, but not the final collection. There are many more books and collectibles that I have not posted and, as always, the FULL collection will be on the Pinterest board (LINK HERE).


I’m showing off recent goodies, well, from the last 20 years, anyway. From calendars and 2007 movie goodies, to Alicia Klein leather goods, Gumshoe Girls clothing and accessories, Tonner dolls, Out of Print bits & bobs, Moda fabric I’m hesitant to do something with, all the way up to a halloween costume based on the CW network’s Nancy Drew.

It’s quite a collection for an Aussie! I’d go as far to say I’ve got the biggest Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys collection in Aus. It comes in at almost 1400 books, and almost 700 official and unofficial collectibles. And that’s not counting every.single.article.or.printable.I’! It’s also a 37 year collection and comes in at over $22,000. Most of that was spent since 2005 when I joined eBay!

There is so much more to buy, especially collectibles just from the last five years that I keep trying to get around to buying, and the amount of books left that I’m after. Oi!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my collections, again, they can be seen on my Pinterest page. There’s a folder just for Nancy, one for the Hardys, one for Trixie Belden, and one for both Susan Sand and the Dana Girls.




07 movie collectibles


Alicia Klein leather goods


Gumshoe Girls bags, clothing, accessories


Tonner brand Nancy Drew dolls and outfits


Tangled Tales game and Heirloom ornament



Out of Print brand clothing and accessories



Moda brand fabric


Girl Detective collectibles


Barnes & Noble shopping bags


2020 CW TV show Halloween costume


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    1. Jewel Divas Style April 30, 2021 at 7:17 pm

      Thanks, Tote, but alas, I do not. The group I belong to, The Nancy Drew Sleuths, have far more than me in their collections as it’s easier to buy these items in America.


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