It’s been two years since Oprah was here, and now Ellen is on her way!

Yes folks, that’s right, it’s been two years since Oprah was here and people started a petition to get Ellen here as well. And now she’s coming in March.

In a move by Ms Degeneres, she’s using Qantas to fly 400 audience members to Australia. Doing shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

At this stage we’re not sure if she’ll hand out gifts like pearl Es, like Oprah handed out Os, courtesy of Australian companies of which Oprah did not pay. But who knows what Ellen has in mind.

This is clearly something that has been in the making for sometime, as you don’t just fly 400 people to another country and automatically have a hotel and studio booked. So plans have been worked on since Oprah was here.

After All, Ellen got Nicole Kidman to help her announce it, and Nicole was on Oprah when she was here. 

We’ll all just have to wait and see how this goes.

Welcome back peeps, how’s your 2013 been so far?


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