HOW TO: Put together a Travel Kit part 1

So for all the years I have travelled, there’s one thing I have learned. While you need to cull and take as less as possible, you also need purses to keep everything neat and tidy.
So this year I started putting together all of my matching op shop/cheap shop/ebay purses and bags and colour co-ordinated a travel set from all of my bits and pieces and pieces I bought just for making the set.
Here is my Benetton colours set. As you can see, the large tote (bottom left), bumbag (aka fanny pack, bottom right) and the wet pack (middle top) are all UNITED COLOURS OF BENETTON. The back pack (top right) and two small purses (top is cardinali and bottom is generic, top left) all match perfectly.
And then I realised my Fiorelli purses went with them as well.
And so I bought this UCB purse of ebay to match.
And these space saving travel cubes in different sizes and colours.
And they all fit into the large one for saying neat and tidy when not in use.

Next week, you’ll see more of my travel set.


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