TRAVEL STYLE: Dreamworld

Oh Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast, how I love thee.

One of Australia’s best theme parks since the early 80s, December 15th 1981 to be exact, when it first opened but alas, it has really changed since I first went there when I was a kid. I’ve been back twice since, the last being 1999, and since then it’s changed again. The old Thunderbolt roller coaster got torn down for something new, and the old steamboat ride with it’s bush rangers is also gone along with my favourite southern fried chicken restaurant, but at least my two favourite rides are still there.

The Rocky Hollow Log Ride, which I go on, and on and on again.Dreamworld's Rocky Hollow

And the Thunder River Rapids Ride. Great on a hot day.

Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids.

Dreamworld is also host to our version of Big Brother.

Dreamworld's Big Brother

And a recent addition is Zombie Evilution

Dreamworld's Zombie Evilution

They also have the adorable Tiger Island, where you can feed, take pictures with and watch adorable tigers go for a walk around the park, with a store to buy adorable stuffed tigers and other things.

Dreamworld's Tger Island

And we would always end the day, around 4:30pm, with a chocolate sundae from the Ice Cream Parlour before winding our way out the door.

Dreamworld's Ice Cream Parlour

I love Dreamworld, it’s one of the Gold Coast’s best attractions and has millions of visitors every year. I still can’t believe it’s been open for so long.

Check out their website here, their Facebook page here.

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  1. Selma M. Jones August 9, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing your great post!
    I also love to go Dreamworld and it is the best place to have fun!


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