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I had my eye on these trays in Spotlight (a huge craft store) late last year. At $29.95 each I knew I wanted them for xmas and just before I found them on sale. At $21.95 each I bought two and knew exactly where I wanted them. On my jewellery cabinets.

These are my cabinets before. Rather bare and boring really as they went through their own style metamorphosis.


And these are my cabinets now.


I changed the material cover and kept my glamour box of books on one tray with my pretty boxes and some sunglasses plus my ever growing perfume bottle collection. On the other tray, I put my glass jewel boxes full of my real gold and silver jewellery, some of my fantastic Betsey Johnson Gem stone purses along with a blue tray and three glass containers. My Dream wood letters also hang out here.


My five drawer roller cabinets contain the rest of my jewellery, 1800 plus pieces. I cleaned everything out over xmas and found the roller legs had broken so removed all of them. The small cabinet next to it contains some of my accessories. Belts, scarves, the rest of my sunglasses and cosmetic purses. Sadly, these are not enough for an ever growing collection but will have to do for now since I just don’t have the room.

Have you guys got mirrored trays and how do you style them?

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