HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: My Olay bombing days are almost over.

So for the last few months I have been bombing my face with Olay products in the vain attempt at changing my face.

While my skin is probably looking better than it did then, I have only noticed small changes and not in the way I wanted.

I started with Olay Definity in the mornings.

And I used Olay Regenerist Derma eye Pods, Regenerist 14 Day Intervention and the Microdermabrasion kit which I had to import from the US, at night.

All of it can be read in part 1 here.

I also got a free sample of the Regenerist MicroSculpting cream and have been using that at night as well. Part 2 can be read here. My skin does look a little better, but wrinkles were not my problem.

Since both of those posts, I have finished the 14 Day Intervention and have now finished the Derma Eye Pods, which have made only a small improvement to my eyes. I’ve almost finished the other three and will let you know how those go. Won’t be long.

I also have the new Regenerist Night Elixir on its way, along with the Regenerist Eye Roller and Anti Ageing Lip Treatment, plus the Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Brush, and the Total Effects Exfoliate and Replenish body wash, the Total Effects Body Lotion and the Age Defying soap bar, all on their way from America.

It seems Olay is not yet believing that Australia might like the soaps, body washes and moisturisers. Although we get the Olay Covergirl make-up, most of it anyway, and will be getting more products in the new year, so my stash of Olay and CG make-up is getting bigger, and a big pile is on its way from America as well. It’s not that we don’t get the most popular items here, it’s just cheaper to buy overseas. The cost still ends up being half, if not less, than the store prices here.

So, looks like part 4 will soon be here and by the end of the year, hopefully, I’ll have a new face. Not to mention loads of posts about my new goodies for christmas!

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