DESIGNER INSPIRED: How I made my own Samantha Wills "Crossroads" bangles

So recently you got to see my version of Samantha Wills “Skies are Painted” bracelet stack. Now it’s time for the “Crossroads” bangles.
These are the two “Crossroads” bangles from Samantha Wills.
Last year I found this one on ebay. As you can see, it’s blue with black stones, so only similar to the actual Crossroads bangles.
I’ve been looking for the two colour schemes since and only recently realised I could either change the stones, or paint them.
So, I found these two on ebay….
And decided to paint them.
Here’s the black on black one. 
The only difference to the original, besides the colour of the stones, is the fact they don’t bulge out as much.
Here’s the orange on blue one.
Can you tell the difference?
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