HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: My current favourite lipsticks!

These Loreal lipsticks have been my favourite red lippies for the last few years. I alternate between all of lipsticks so they last longer but they are finally getting low. The one on the left is COLOUR RICHE TRANSPARENT RED #96, and is a light and shimmery red, not overwhelming or too much. The right is COLOUR RICHE STAR SECRETS, NATALIE IMBRUGLIA #702, it’s darker but still shimmery. I bought these for $5 each in a cheap store but after all these years these colours are no longer available through Loreal. 🙁
So I went in search of light red lipsticks but all the brand names are over $20 and really, if you can’t stock up on sale or when they’re cheap, then you miss out.
However, I found an American brand called Jordana and found CRANBERRY #076 is almost a perfect match to the light shimmer shade of red.
I also bought BURGUNDY #009 on the right. A similar colour with a touch of pink. 
I also bought three shades of pink as my pink lippie was almost flat. Left is ROSETTE #050, middle is VIN ROSE #111, and right is PINK ICE #042.
This one I got a year ago for $5 and is MAYBELLINE WINE ON ICE A78 and is a really nice pinky red.

I plan on stocking up on the Jordana lipsticks in as many shades as possible that suit me, which not many shades do and I’m not into matte lippie, so for $6 each, made in America and they smell really nice when you open them, they are an absolute bargain I plan on taking full advantage of!

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  1. Nancy Lauzon September 19, 2012 at 5:13 am

    Don’t you just hate when a perfume or cosmetic you like gets phased out? Happens to me all the time. I don’t believe we get Jordana lipstick in Canada, I don’t recognize the brand. But we do get Maybelline. Always on the look out for good colors of lipstick thanks!

  2. Jewel Divas Style September 20, 2012 at 7:51 am

    I’ve had the Maybelline mineral powder and concealer and gold and silver eyeshadows.

    Jordana does have a website, check to see where it’s sold in your area.


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