HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Make-up and travel purses

I have so many purses it’s ridiculous. I think if I counted them, I do have a list somewhere, I’d be shocked, but, like with so many other things, I just can’t stop buying, especially when they are pretty, and cheap.

All of these are from Kmart. The bird and music ones could be used for anything. Glasses, pencils, ipod electrics, that’s what’s so versatile about purses. The birds are colourful with a little bird charm on the zip, and the music has pockets all over it. They were on sale for .75cents each, and when you raid your stores at the end of the season, usually every two or three months, you can grab some bargains.


This next set I featured in my book, HOW TO BE A JEWEL DIVA: Tips and Tricks to Buying, Wearing and Caring for your Costume Jewellery. When packing to go overseas purses like these are really great for accessories. You can pack your jewellery in one side, your glasses or scarves in the other. While these two pieces came separately, the small purse was $2 and the large two-sided was only $7.50, you can buy many as two, three or five piece sets to cover everything you’d need to take, from make-up to hair and jewellery.


Below are some of the pictures from my book – HOW TO BE A JEWEL DIVA, to demonstrate it’s usage. The bag is used for transport, and the purse comes in handy for using through the day to store glasses, scarves and bits and pieces.



I have many addictions, and purses are one, tell me, are you as addicted as I am?

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