Introducing the kitschy new collection from Jewel Divas, KITSCHY KAWAII!

This collection came from my own necklace that I had remodelled a few months back. I was doing a bunch of Acrylic Crystal bracelet stacks for sale and had so many beads left over and was not sure I wanted to do full coloured sets again. So I raided my kits and found some charms I could use and out came KITSCHY KAWAII, named so because they are kitschy and considered kawaii. The rough translation of kitsch and kawaii relates to cute, colourful, quirky, things you think only kids would like but kawaii is HUGE business in Japan.

This, like the WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN and POLICE OFFICER sets is known as a capsule collection due to only a few things being available. There are four sets in all, all with Japanese names.

Below is the AKANE set. AKANE is Japanese for red. I used these names to add to the kitsch and the kawaii nature of the jewellery. AKANE has Strawberry Shortcakes, bubblgum, crayons, lollies, hearts, bows and green keys. Available now at Jewel Divas.

AKANE - set

Next is AOI. AOI means blue in Japanese and is named for the blue beads and charms such as the rollerskate, bubble gum, crayon, boots, bows and hearts. You also get a keys and care bear charm. Available now at Jewel Divas.


KIN SAKURA means golden (kin) and cherry blossom (sakura) in Japanese, named for the golden and light pink beads. With care bears, Strawberry Shortcakes, bubble gum, roller skate, keys, boots, lollies and bows, it makes for a sweet treat for summer. Available now at Jewel Divas.


Last is MIDORI, yes it’s an alcoholic drink but it also means green in Japanese as green is the base for this set. Roller skate, bubble gum, crayons, keys, boots plus a care bear all hang from these acrylic beads in some summertime colours for this coming season. Available now at Jewel Divas.



Welcome to KITSCHY KAWAII by Jewel Divas, hope you have as much fun wearing it as I did making it.


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