HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry joins the perfume family.

Over the years I never really wore perfume. I always went for Impulse body sprays, inexpensive sprays and discount store perfumes. 4711, Ice, the two I loved most, as most perfumes were priced out of my range.

But over the last couple of years perfumes have been dropping in price and with companies possibly realising they were pricing themselves out of a massive selling market, they reduced the prices and took on more celebrities to sell their wares.

Two of those celebrities being Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Sworn enemies in real life, but not on my cupboard.


Last year I bought Taylor’s Wonderstruck perfume roller and it was really nice, so when my local Priceline store decided to reduce the bottles to $22 each, I went in for Enchanted Wonderstruck, and two days later decided to grab the original as well.

For $22 each, more than half the price, I couldn’t leave either of them there. So welcome to the family, Taylor Swift. And I love the charms on the bottles.


After bringing home Katy’s Purr and Killer Queen in the last year, I decided to also get Royal Revolution. Priceline had it at $29.40 for the 50ml on sale, so I had to grab that too. I like it and it smells like Sarsparilla soft drink. It’s not like Queen, but it’s nice in its own way.


Welcome to the perfume collection Taylor and Katy and please, play nice!

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